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legal tool for beach and lake areas

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The tool introduces a new economic space for temporary activities inside the demesnial areas regulated by the traditional "concessione". The availability to rent for short time a part of the soil under regime of "subconcessione" is rewarded by a lower price of negotiation between municipality and grantee.
The rental costs for temporary uses are leaved to the free market based on Urban-OS (see Urban Catalyst partner Deadline).
The management responsability of the temporary area remains in any case to the grantee that simply signs a short term contract with the temporary user.
The management of all the temporary areas inside Miseno is shared with the consortium "Misenofutura" (see project) providing to build a complete tourist and cultural offer (poster of the season).
In this sense, the tool tries to individuate a larger business area for grantees during dead autumn and winter times.

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