Templace.com is an internet-based system that applies the unique potential of web-based databases to cities. The platform is designed as infrastructure that can support and enable the temporary use of vacant space. A series of forums (Pools) allows all parties interested or involved in temporary use to share relevant information resources. Furthermore templace.com will offer specific services for temporary users, site owners and other parties involved.

Templace.com was conceived by deadline, and developed in co-operation with Studio Urban Catalyst within the framework of an international research project Urban Catalyst (2001-2003).

About Urban Catalyst

Urban Catalyst was Funded by the 5th Framework Programme "Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development", Key Action 4 "City of Tomorrow Cultural Heritage" of the European Union the research project has investigated the potential of temporary uses as a motor of urban change, which has been hitherto largely ignored.

Urban Catalyst, am interdisciplinary network of 12 partners from five European metropolises - Helsinki, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna and Naples - was Co-ordinated by Studio Urban Catalyst at the Technical University of Berlin. Urban Catalyst has developed models of action and strategic planning tools, integrating the potentials of temporary uses into a long lasting urban development and forming an unique archive, which is now available to architects, planners, municipalities, developers, property owners and temporary users.

Further information.

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