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Internet databank for vacant shop premises

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ServiceCenter’s instrument to make data on vacant shop premises available, make contact between companies and property managers / estate agents, does not act as agent. Regularly contains between 400 and 600 vacant premises.

At present free service, modest fee planned for estate agents and property managers. Some 40,000 databank enquiries per year, 2,000 concrete enquiries to the ServiceCenter

Data collection through the 15 shopping street managers, the 104 shopping street associations, estate agents and property managers ans through an employee of the ServiceCenter.

Detailed Description:

Information on vacant shop premises can be found by entering various search criteria, including:    

Council district
Size, from m² to m²
Net rent, from Euro till Euro
Utilisation as / dedication

As a result, one receives a list of all the premises that come into question, together with details of the size and the address. In order to be able to call up all the available information, a one-time free registration is necessary. Thereafter the contact information is automatically accessible.

For people looking for premises there is the possibility of depositing a search profile. They can then be contacted, as soon as premises that correspond to their requirements have been registered in the databank.

Estate agents and property managers also have the possibility to enter and alter their offers themselves online. With this measure the problems of the topicality of the entries can be solved.

Data can only be passed on when commissioned by the estate agents and property managers. Owners of shop premises cannot be taken into consideration, since in the final analysis the ServiceCenter is an organisation that belongs to the Viennese Chamber of Commerce, which represents an interest group of Viennese companies and is financed by their contributions.
That also means that those shop premises which are only managed by owners cannot be included in the databank.

It is difficult to keep statistics about the exact success of the databank, as also of the ServiceCenter as a whole, since the marketing of the premises also proceeds parallel to it via the ‘normal’ channels. Yet "as long as there are 2,000 enquiries a year, we will continue"(1). About a quarter or a third of these enquiries are substantial ones and about a sixth are guided towards a location.

Outside of Vienna the databank is arousing great interest. Thus the databank structure has already been sold to Graz and Linz. The price may be regarded as symbolic, since their local Chambers of Commerce will be the sponsor.

(1) Helmut Mondschein, director of the Wiener Einkaufsstrassenmanagement


Interviews with Helmut Mondschein, director of the Wiener Einkaufsstrassen Management

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