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Internet system to support temporary use

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Templace, formerly known as Urban-OS is an Internet based system that applies the unique potential of web based databases to cities by supporting and enabling temporary use of space.

Templace has two main functions:

1. A space leasing and management tool (Space Market) helps landlords and tenants involved in temporary use operate more effectively. 

2. A series of forums (Project Pool, ToolPool, and ThinkPool) allow all parties interested or involved in temporary use to share useful information resources.

SpaceMarket is a tool for listing and finding space that helps owners and potential tenants negotiate leases on line.  From any computer with an Internet connection, users can search the database for potential spaces, and make offers online, and owners can list their units, manage their leases, and contact tenants.

Because SpaceMarket allows space to be managed more efficiently, the few remaining empty spaces in densely built up areas can be more effectively used.  A tenant does not need to rent a space for longer than their actual use requires, so a single space can serve many different tenants during one month.  This would result in a net increase of available space through a phenomenon we call ‘Increasing Temporal Density’.

ProjectPool is a collection of exemplary temporary use projects to provide inspiration and practical insight.

ToolPool is a forum for sharing techniques, structures and practical information useful in implementing temporary use projects.

ThinkPool is a source of professional knowledge and ideas relating to temporary use.

Using these forums, community members can also share their experience using a particular information resource to the above forums. This means that future users will benefit from the resource itself, and from the experience of the other community members who have used this resource.  This feedback means that the information becomes more useable, and its range of application becomes more precisely defined.

The main goal of templace is to make temporary use more accessible by publishing wide ranging information on the subject, allowing community members to share their experience, and to help actors involved in temporary use work more efficiently.  In so doing templace aims to become the main online centre for temporary use.

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