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Physical intervention catalogue

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The physical intervention catalogue tool serves as dynamic data base for technical, structural and infrastructural hardware and solutions covering usual problematics in the realm of temporary uses. Focussed on low-cost and merchantability it suggest easy-to-achieve and easy-to-use  hardware to be rented or acquired in most hardware stores or construction supplies. Target groups are all kind of self-made temporary users as well as planners.
The information is subdivided into categories of field of application, description, set-up-time, timeof use, dimensions, capacity, transportation, cost, advantages/disadvantages. Additional examples are given as well as links that refer to potential providers within the internet or to other databases.
Its form as HTML table allows easy acces. Solutions can be searched by all categories, while relied topics are indexed within each search. For typical problem situations all-in-one packages are suggested. As well individual sets of information can be bundled and downloaded.
A redactional system allows an input of hints and additional information by users on a sublayer. This coverage of experience is saved, evaluated and updated to the toplayer on a regular basis to guarantee actuality.

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