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City Cat

stimulator for temporary programmes

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CC is a stimulator for temporary programmes. It takes the role of an "enabler" who searches, identifies, defines and extends programmes for urban projects and areas.
The goal is the identification of programmes for an area which offers and promotes an urban interconnection of already known or still to be found stakeholders.
CC elaborates programmes which develop through a temporary test and can, after their success, taken up as an integrated permanent part into quarter planning.
The temporary presence of programmatic components is an impulse for investors, the city, inhabitants and users, to nominate and formulate needs. The temporary test operation allows all stakeholders before a later permanent realisation a micro adjustment for activities and requirements of space. Target groups are found and collected through this activity.
The Vienna Team sees its role in the conceptual development and research of possible programme modules and sites.  It also offers the positioning and realisation of CC on the selected areas, strategies for an optional structural establishment on the basis of collected data and formulated needs of the stakeholders.
After an active phase CC migrates again. Impulses for facilities, measures, infrastructure and social networks are developed. For each location certain programme modules (impulse/ infrastructure) are selected and positioned.
The underlaying principle of CC is a shelf typology with various divisions:
The individual shelves are, depending to were they are situated, imposed with different programmes. The shelf is an infrastructure for first temporary activities, that should expose and establish themselves during the time of installation. If the activities establish themselves as permanent, they could for instance move into a built structure, which already fit to the programmtical needs of the actors. The multiple shelf modules can be configured according to the different installation locations. They are first linked to viennese and are the basic framework for the further research and realisation of CC. The activities and institutions are characterized by social engagement and temporaryness.

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