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Negotiated amnesty

economic tool for beach, lake and city

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The principal aim of the tool is the changeover of illegal economic activities holding public space in Miseno.
The tentative is to disengage these activities from the seasonal tourist flows, giving an opportunity in terms of temporary occupation of public space negotiated with Public Administration.
The presence of the legalized activities distributed during all the year, in relation with the events program (see "Misenofutura" poster of the season), solves both the problem of the facilities supply to the tourist-user and the space organization as public space saturation.
The demand for "negotiated amnesty" is subordinated to the legalization of the activity. After this step, the titular can participate to a "call for projects" managed by the Municipality, drawing a map of the activities  on the base of the demands.
The map shows possible locations, contract duration, surface dimension and base costs. The negotiation can be supported by the presence of the consortium "Misenofutura" (see project) offering consulting, tutoring and start up.

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