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Partnerships in implementation; BV DURF (Courage Unlimited)

Exploration of Democratic Dialogue

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One of the strongest tools in interactive urban planning is to create partnerships in execution. Working in partnerships not only has the advantage of sharing the costs of the implementation, it also ensures that parties continue to collaborate when problems arise. One of the outcomes of the Democratic Dialogue of Noord Lonkt! was the decision to create BV DURF (Courage Unl.) for the development and maintenance of the NSM site. The unique element of BV DURF is that it is a partnership between the local government, housing corporations and the users of the site and that they are collectively responsible for development and maintenance of the site.

January 2000



Tool for joint development and maintenance of a site by all those who are involved.

STAKEHOLDERS– Their Roles and Economies
In BV DURF different parties with different interest collaborate. These parties initiated BV DURF.
Role    Name/organization    Involvement in Project initiation    Initial Investment    Monthly Investment
Owner    Town district    Accepted results of Noord Lonkt!    land    -
Financing    Social Housing Het Oosten    Initiator of Noord Lonkt!    Money, expertise in urban development    Investment
i.d.    Social Housing De Key    Initiator of Noord Lonkt!    Money, expertise in urban development    Investment
    Social Housing Woningbedrijf Amsterdam    Initiator of Noord Lonkt!    Money, expertise in urban development    Investment
Tennant    Kinetisch Noord    -        Maintenance, initial development of site
Project developer        -    -    Money, expertise in urban development

In the initial plans of BV DURF, the future users of the site are also given a role in the BV DURF. Inhabitants or temporary users obtain shares in the partnership and are involved in the decision making, hence increase the responsibility for successful development of the entire site. This mechanism results in flexibility in the development of the site as all partners can collectively agree on a change of use. The challenging part is that there is a large number of participants in the partnership.

After the Democratic Dialogue, the plans that resulted from it were adopted by the town district administration. Consequently, talks for the creation of BV DURF started.

The Partnerships phase is crucial for implementation of the plans developed during the Democratic Dialogue. In order to keep momentum and benefit from the goodwill and cooperative spirit of the interactive approach, arrangements for the implementation have to be made. In the case of Noord Lonkt! the solution
Detailed Descriptionwas found in a public private partnership called BV DURF (Courage Ltd.)
BV DURF is a construction in which all users of the site are jointly responsible for maintenance and development of the site. BV DURF will be making arrangements for use and environmental regulations. Besides the initiators, social housing corporations, the town district and investors, also temporary users become shareholders.

Within BV DURF arrangements are be made about the nature of development of the site and all related issues. For example, making an integral environmental plan for the extreme mix of functions is one of the tasks for BV DURF. It will make a budget for the exploitation and gradual development, facilitate temporary users, and specify starting points for the architectonic development of the site.
Currently, the Noord Lonkt! process is still in the partnerships phase. The creation of BV DURF is still going on. The formation of the partnerships has taken 18 months to date, which is longer than planned. As this phase was executed without external mediation, the creation of BV DURF has taken more time than planned. The founding parties (Town district, social housing corporations, project developers and Kinetisch Noord) are still in negotiation.
Commitment, however, does seem to be strong enough, since all parties still subscribe to the principles that were laid down in the note of starting points. As it stands, formal creation of BV DURF is now planned for the summer of 2002.

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