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Fund for Breeding Places

The Fund for Breeding Places

fund to realize smaller-scale infrastructure for artists and cultural entrepreneurs in Amsterdam

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1 realization of affordable small-scale infrastructure for artists and cultural entrepreneurs
2 achieving conditions for a sustainable form of this infrastructure in Amsterdam
3 initiating policy for distributing and maintaining these spaces

City of Amsterdam, on initiative of various pressure groups like the IJ Industrial Buildings Guild

Foundation, created by the City of Amsterdam

number of people:
around 30 projects in preparation, for 1350 individual ateliers and space for 700-800 cultural entrepreneurs (period 2002 - 2006); various staff members of City of Amsterdam involved.

established spring 1999

start 15.9 mln euro, additionally per year 2.7 mln euro

Broedplaats Amsterdam
Postbus 1900
100 BX Amsterdam


The Fund for Breeding Places is set up to realize smaller-scale infrastructure for artists and cultural entrepreneurs with a low commercial profile. Within the period of 2002-2006 the Fund wants to initiate the realization of around 2000 ateliers or working places, of which 1350 individual ateliers and space(s) for 700-800 cultural entrepreneurs.

The Fund subsidizes (the non-profit part of) the development costs of these spaces up to 680 euro/m2 or 34 000 euro total per space (max 50 m2), by awarding a unique real estate development subsidy to the owner of a building. Temporal projects can also be awarded a subsidy, but the amounts awarded are generally lower. The Fund is not involved in the physical maintenance of realized spaces.


The Breeding Places Fund has been set up in 1999 by the Project Management Office of the City of Amsterdam in response to dramatic changes in the cultural landscape of Amsterdam. In recent years, during the urban renewal and the conversion of the Amsterdam harbor districts, many artists, activists and craftsman have been forced out of their working / living spaces. This resulted in a pressure on the City Government. In 1998 in a decree in which the City Council urged the Mayor for fast realization of alternative locations for payable housing/working-premises. As a result, the Breeding Places project has been set up.

organization & actors

The Fund for Breeding Places is an organization belonging to the Project Management Office of the Urban Housing Service of the City of Amsterdam. It consists of three parts: a project group, a policy consultancy group and an advisory committee.

1 - In the project group, together with the Project Management Office the following parties are represented: the Urban Housing Service, the Spatial Planning Office, the Common Welfare Office, the Society for Housing/working-premises for Artists and the Land Property Organization.

2 - The policy consultancy group is there to channel the information exchange between the city, civil pressure groups and external experts. The focus of this group is to enhance the social feasibility of the decisions and policies that are being developed, and to use the available expertise.

3 - The advisory committee is an independent 5 member group with knowledge and experience in the field of urban social-economic processes, the culture of (housing/) working-premises and the art world in Amsterdam. They advise the project consultancy group on allocating spaces to (groups of) artists.

The Fund in principle has two ‘clients’; on the one hand people looking for spaces and on the other hand people requesting subsidy for the development of a ‘breeding place’. Owners or exploiters of buildings who want to establish a breeding place can hand in a project description and exploitation calculation at the project group. Groups of artists or cultural entrepreneurs looking for space can apply at the project group. The advisory board will be consulted on their application. 

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