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Participative Exhibition


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The temporary use of residual spaces goes along with various cooperation and participation processes. Flexible and open tools are needed to catalyze and facilitate such open processes. For that purpose the method “Participative Exhibition” has been developed by nexus within the EU-research project “Urban Catalyst”  . The idea of the exhibition is to create an open space where citizens can present and discuss their personal views and where they can start a dialogue with other stakeholders (e.g. investors, municipality etc.) about temporary uses.

The method consists of the following steps:
1. Qualitative interviews with temporary users and other stakeholders about their attitudes, motivations and conflicts related to temporary uses.
2. Photography of the interviewees and the test site. The photographs can also be taken by the users themselves, so they can present their perspective through their own lens.
3. Integration of the photographs and relevant interview-excerpts into exhibits.
4. Launch of Exhibition at the local site as a public event.

The picture shows one of the exhibits of the Participative Exhibition that has been applied in the Phlegreian region in Italy within the project “Urban Catalyst” in November 2001. A similar exhibition has been carried through at the Berlin test site in July 2002.

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