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ServiceCenter Geschäftslokale (=ServiceCenter for Shop Premises)

Platform / promoter for vacant shop premises.

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The ‘ServiceCenter Geschäftslokale’ was initiated in 1998. It manages vacant shop premises and its main concerns are to increase the number of visitors coming to shopping streets and to attract attention to these. Therefor work 6 employees and an amount of 220,000 € is available. In support of the main goal, various temporary activities have so far been promoted and the Internet databank was established.
For this reason the ServiceCenter is a capable partner for the implementation of temporary utilisation which focuses on vacant shop premises.


Some 6,000 premises have so far been recorded, of which about a third of them were really to let. There are regularly some 400 – 600 empty shop premises available to rent. Every year there are some 2,000 enquiries about shop premises and about 1/6 of them, according to conservative estimates, could be guided by ServiceCenter to shop premises.

Occupancy and the founding of companies are supported by ServiceCenter with detailed location data. In addition, an interested company can commission an affordable location analysis.

Secondary and tertiary utilisation should also occupy the shop premises. "For us, anything is better than a shop that is covered in posters, blocked, walled-up or turned into a garage."(1)  To a great extent, the data on vacant shop premises is collected by the employees of the ServiceCenter. They are drawn from the 15 shopping street managers of ESM, the shopping street associations and from estate agents and property managers. They often bring premises to the ServiceCenter which are difficult to market. Knowledge of them makes it possible to integrate them in temporary projects, e.g.:

‘Soho in Ottakring’ 
Information / Contact:

‘making it’
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‘Unternehmen Capricorn’(2) 
Information / Contact:

These events were developed outside of the Service Center, independently of one another and in the wake of the first Soho in Ottakring brought with them a variety of concepts for temporary utilisation, according to the ServiceCenter an average of one per week. These came from private people, Gebietsbetreuungen, district etc. At the ServiceCenter one assumes that projects of this nature can be implemented with their own support. If this is lacking the projects regularly go to ground. However, for the ServiceCenter it is not the temporary utilisation that constitutes the primary objective, rather this serves as a tool for enlivening the shopping streets.

(1) Helmut Mondschein, director of the ‚Wiener Einkaufsstrassen Management‘
(2) German Title of an american motion picture ( original title ‚Capricorn One‘)


Interviews with Helmut Mondschein,
director of the Wiener Einkaufsstrassen Management
Interview with Markus Wild,
ServiceCenter for Shop Premises, location management / information on vacant premises
Note by Guido Miklautsch, ServiceCenter for Shop Premises

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