Leberberg, 11. district

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Ina Homeier-Mendes, Christa Kamleithner und Rudolf Kohoutek

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Ina Homeier-Mendes
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Tempo. Temporary Park at the Leberberg

time frame: Summer 1997

initiators: Project coordination "simply multiple"

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The project is one of the few examples of temporary uses at the periphery, in an urban extension area. Child and youth playgrounds were planned, but not finished yet; staircase houses, courts and garages became occupied - which led to conflicts with the neighbours. This problem was discussed by the regional forum Simmering. As a consequence the project co-ordination office "simply multiple" found a solution together with the district.
With the name “Tempo. Temporary park at the Leberberg” an area, where a shopping centre was already planned but the construction was delayed, was opened to the youth. The 9,000m² big property was surrounded by poster walls and was a real oasis: an adventure playground, on which even adventurous things were built. Together with the care personal huts were built and furnished on the so-called “construction playground” - and which were temporarily “inhabited”. Only with a heavy heart, but as agreed before, they were given up again. In the meanwhile the shopping mall took its place. The architect Harry Glück planned a construction, which includes a mall and apartments in the floors above. A swimming pool is situated on the roof, which is seen as a replacement for the playground by the adolescents.
The temporary use of the property has created a social space, which lasted longer than the project and thus has enabled a participative process for the new open spaces. The foreseen 28,000m² big central park is now enriched with some unusual elements, which would otherwise hardly have developed. The two small single-family houses, which exist on the area were not demolished but renovated and are used as a meeting point and as a youth club. Thus a durable infrastructure was created. To avoid that the houses are damaged, they were used again temporary - as building offices during the construction works of the park. In their gardens vegetables were planted, barbeques took place and celebrations. 

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