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Symposium Tempo..rar

Temporäre Nutzungen im Stadtraum

time frame: 07.05.2003 - 15.05.2003

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Intended as a walk through the city the symposium took place on four days on four different spaces.
It brought together stakeholders and theorists from different fields. It viewed itself as a working circle - open to the public and focused on discussion and networking.

Detailed description

Urban Catalyst-Vienna propagates a mobile network node, which works like a planning tool that promotes potential networks and encourages the formation of networks through the accumulation of examples. Before it moves on, it leaves behind it a programme in the form of an urban catalyst.

In the first place this network node had to learn new things through activity and institutionalise individual steps. The procedure was subsumed in the working title “CityCat”.

Symposium tempo..rar

As a tool we developed the programme of „CityCat“ into a symposium which elaborates the potential of selected vacant buildings and makes recommendations for the concrete development of buildings, as well as for planning areas located in the neighbourhood. Focus was on sites with temporary availability and on temporary activities in general.

The program of tempo..rar was to temporarily play on a site with the aim to hallucinate (imagine) a program for the site and its surroundings.


APA-Hochhaus 8th floor, 19th dictrict     
Former mail distribution center, 15th district    
Restaurant E-Station at the south railway station, 10th district
Fluc – shop premise for events, 2nd district        
The main problem we had to deal with while organising the symposium was to fix the original chosen sites; two of them we eventually had to substitude by other ones. The attempt, to gain temporary access was documented and created an empirical value about temporary utilisation in Vienna.

Program examples of projects already realised in other European cities and in Vienna as well as ideas and inspirations gathered throughout the symposium were the basic ingredients. How can the development of programs be supported and what is understood as a program, on which principal a building or a whole area in a city can be developed? Questions were asked about the consequences of temporary activities for urban life and about connections between programming of usage, site and urban planning.

The event acted as an active collector; the objective was to find out about seemingly distant ideas, concepts, initiatives, needs, experiences as well as formulating demands.


Florian Haydn/UC Wien – Andreas Schneider/Haus des Lehrer Berlin – Hans Groiss/phonoTAKTIK Wien – Martin Schwanzer/Owner Wien – Andrea Breitfuss/ sociologist Wien – Wolfgang Zinggl/Wochenklausur Wien – Christian Reder/investigator of structures Wien

Matthew Griffin/deadline Berlin – Friedemann Derschmidt/permanent breakfast Wien – Michael Melauner/Institut für Freiraumgestaltung Wien – Dieter Schreiber/Kulturnetz Wien – Dietmar Steiner/Architekturzentrum Wien – Rudolf Kohoutek/UC Wien – Jutta Kleedorfer / EinfachMehrfach Wien – Ernst Kirisits/Uniqa Immobilien Service GmbH Wien

Klaus Overmeyer/UC Berlin - Jens Dangschat/sociologist Wien – Andreas Feldtkeller/Tübingen – Peter Arlt/city sociologist Linz – Sabine Pollak/architect Wien – Gerhard Buresch/Wien – Martin Fritz/project promoter Wien – Christa Kamleithner/derive Wien

Andreas Spiegl+Christian Teckert/Büro für kognitiven Urbanismus Wien – Klaus Ronneberger/city researcher Frankfurt – Helmut Mondschein/Wiener Einkaufsstraßen Management Wien – Walter Rohn/philosoph Wien – Beatrix Zobl/SOHO in Ottakring Wien - Susanne Schuda+Florian Schmeiser/instant island Wien – Barbara Holub+Paul Rajakovics/transparadiso Wien

Impulse contributions demonstrated the possibilities and experience of temporary activities. This is a matter of showing the limits and /or pioneering visions of temporary utilisation. What is essential is to designate the necessary changes from the point of view of the individual interest groups: when/how and under what circumstances temporary activities can be facilitated and allowed, or under which conditions the activities are directed against the interests of the individuals involved.

The contributions (impules / discussion) will be published in the form of a small handbook on the subject of the temporary in the city, put together after the symposium. In the end of june, within the scope of a project week ot the Architekturzentrum Wien we will present the results of our research and the documentation of our symposium.

first site (4113:1059405840) during the symposium at the APA-Hochaus uc_pub_temporar_bild1klein.tif

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